About Us

More than 10 years of well-known manufacturers specializing in the production of liquid silicone (LSR) products

Guangzhou Shengguangyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou Science City, China, as the company's product research and development center and production base. After many years, the Thumb (Better) brand has been highly recognized and praised by the market. Shengguangyu company continuously develops and innovates products and processes, not only has many independent intellectual property rights projects, but also always grasps the technical competitive advantages in this field. The new material processing and forming equipment developed by Sheng Guangyu is still in the leading position in the industry technology until today, and is widely used in many large and well-known enterprises. Now, Sheng Guangyu not only has perfect design, technology and quality standard processing of metering and mixing series products to supply the market, but also has established a high-quality and efficient technical service team.

Company culture

1.Goal: To become the leader of the overall solution in the liquid silicone industry

2.Mission: Create high-quality products and create loyal customer groups

3.Philosophy: create excellent quality, excellent team, sincere service, win-win success

4.Purpose: Prosperity but not arrogance

5.Vision: Provide customers with optimal investment solutions, save costs for customers, and become the first brand in China

Company advantage

  • 1.All electrical and control components are equipped with the best imported components from European and American first-line brands to ensure the stability of the product.
  • 2.21 years of scientific and technological achievements, advanced technology, industry-leading
  • 3.The team is strong, the stamina is full, and there will be no defects for ten years
  • 4.One-stop supply of liquid silicone overall solutions, one-stop landing
  • 5.Provide mature case solutions of various types in multiple industries, without stepping on pits
  • 6.All hardware components are produced by Shengguangyu Company, and are processed by imported world's top advanced CNC equipment to ensure the accuracy, performance and quality of products from the source.